The trivia template tool lets you build apps for the Google Assistant without writing a single line of code. You choose a persona, specify the data for the trivia game in a Google Sheet, and in a few minutes, you'll have a fully working app that you can test and submit for approval.

Pick a persona

Select a persona below to start creating your trivia game.
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Test your App
We're getting your app ready.
Test with the Actions Simulator
The easiest way to test is with the Actions Simulator, specifically made for testing new apps. It's all done in the browser for your convenience.
Test on your device
google home
Always test on a real device, such as Google Home, during development and right before submitting your apps for approval. Login to your Google Home with the same account that you are submitting your apps.
Invocations for testing
"Talk to my test app"
google home
When you submit, your app goes through an approval process.
Reviewers test your apps and verify that you haven't violated any policies. You will receive an email once a review has been completed telling you whether your submission was approved or not.
You can check the status in the submission history of the Actions Consolelaunch.

Delete your app data

To delete your app data, just provide the browser URL for the sheet that powers your app:
Enter a valid sheet URL.

What gets deleted?

We delete everything associated with your app, including the content you added, and any data created in the process of having it submitted.
We do not delete the Google Sheet that you connected to your app. That will continue to exist unless you delete it within Google Sheets.
Once the data is deleted, you have to use the Actions Console to delete the Google project for you app.

Update your submitted app data

To update your submitted app data, just provide the browser URL for the sheet that powers your app:
Enter a valid sheet URL.

What gets updated?

We update all the questions, answers and configuration settings from the Google Sheet.
We do not update the invocation name and we don't re-submit the app for review.
To update the data for an app in testing, just do the test steps again.

Delete your app data

Are you sure you want to delete all your app's data?

This cannot be undone.

Update your app

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